Essay about Love Ballad

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On a rainy morning, in a dim-lit classroom
Sitting Beside me, I see a beautiful girl
I wave at her, and for the first time I saw an angel smile
Oh can you be mine please, if just for a little while

My eyes met hers, in the dim-lit, dreary room
A mischievous romance, the start of its imminent bloom?
I sat in heaven, living on happiness circulating my veins
And when she left, I stopped, to start thinking of her again.

Time flies by, my heart beats ever stronger
Her laugh took my breath; long hours felt so much shorter
I took her home every day, ensuring my angel’s safety.
I held her when she was sad
Listening to her heart beating ever so faintly.

Love was my catalyst, driving my wildest dreams
Of dates and kisses, the same romantic themes
I was convinced she’d love me, as the fairy tales read
Naivety blinded me what would happen instead.

After class on a rainy morning, I met her outside
I took a breath and asked her: Will you be my girlfriend?
My hands shook, eyes unblinking, as she paused and replied:
“Sorry, you’ve always been a friend to me.”

Rejection. Oh how stupid I felt, how heartbroken I felt,
She stopped my heart; happiness ceased to circulate in my veins
Then something warm dripped down my eye,
As I recognized the cruel fate life had dealt.
Her face read sympathy and confusion, my face read pain.
As I saw my love who I’d once held close drift slowly,
Farther, and farther away.

On some rainy mornings, in a dim-lit