Love: Capital Punishment and Van Den Haag Essay

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AP Language and Composition

March 30, 2014
The Death Penalty The death penalty has been around for over thousands of years. Only several centuries ago were direct death penalty laws passed in certain countries. As for America’s current death penalty, the USA adopted capital punishment from Great Britain. Only a particular number of states in the USA allow the death penalty as a form of punishment to those found guilty of harsh crimes. Ghandi once said "an eye for an eye makes the whole world blind.” The death penalty is a complex issue that has sparked argument and anxiety in our society.someone refers to the word “death punishment”, people from both sides starts exclaiming at their argument. One side indicates that the death penalty should be abolished because there's a potential reason of executing an innocent man; the other side says the death punishment should be continued in order to eliminate the bad people of our society. In this essay, I am disagree with the death penalty should be abolished. Wherever we look, we can find crimes, it’s already became a part of our daily lives. I am sure that nobody wants to let those crimes be the darkness of our society. They can be threat to our lives, so eliminating those crimes is our responsibility, and we should never disregard it. First of all, I think that death penalty can be deterrence to those criminals, and also helps our society to reduce crimes. Secondly, I think it’s unnecessary to abolish death punishment because not all the criminals