Love Destroyer Essay

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It was a snow filled day, with all the trees in the valley naked. Looking around, all you see is snow set on top of cottages and town stores. It is a little after eleven in the morning and families are leaving church and making their way home. You hear the laughter of little girls on their dad’s shoulders catching the snowflakes on their tongue as they fall from the sky. Night fall comes early in this town, it is only around eight o’clock in the evening and young couples are taken moonlight strolls in the park, holding hands and warming each other with one another’s love. The village is known for its love, for the way young teenagers can meet one day, then the next it is as if they have known each other for an eternity. This town, with all these happy, loving and helping people in it does not have a name. The villagers think it is rather mysterious, but they can’t figure out why a town that has such great chemistry in it would not be called something beautiful. The thought of an anonymously named village, crosses their minds every day, but by the end of the night, they are as happy as ever, as if a thought never even crossed their minds. Some people wonder how everyone can be so in love in the village. Each person has a match, and they are perfect together. So, the Valentine’s Day ball is approaching in a few days, and excitingly nobody will be left out. The mayor of this “anonymous village” said that the cutest couple will be announced and they will be the new Queen and King. They are bouncing off the walls because they are so excited to see what this ball will bring next. The girls go out and get their hair done, and pick out beautiful gowns. Then the guys get the tux’s and the corsages to impress there ladies. It’s the night of the dance, and everybody is nervous and excited at the same time. There is word around the village though that something terrible might happen tonight. Nobody knows what yet, but it is suppose to happen at midnight right in the middle of the dance floor under the disco ball. The villagers begin to panic, not knowing what to do. Parents say not to worry, and that it is just a lie to scare everyone. The parents do not know what they are talking about. The time is 6:45; the ball starts in fifteen minutes. Couples are lined up at the door waiting to come in, not knowing whether to be excited or terrified. You hear the kids laughing, and talking as if nothing were to happen, but they are wrong. The bell rings, it is seven o’clock. The whole crowd rushed in, music starts playing and they begin to dance and have the time of their lives. Parents seem to search the room as if they were looking for something, or someone. A few hours pass by and the music comes to a dim; it is time to announce the King and Queen of the Valentine’s Day dance. Quietly the children stand, waiting and waiting. The announcer ruffles the microphone as he adjusts the level of it, “and the winners are…” The lights go off, the children and parents go quiet. All of the sudden, you see a spotlight go to the middle of the dance floor, right under the disco ball, just as the village suspected, but did not know for sure. You see an image of person; you can’t completely tell who it is yet though. They described the being as short, and young. The image became clearer now. They saw a short girl, hovering above ground wearing all black clothes. The children and parents take a step closer, they can’t see the young girls face yet. It is hidden by a black cloth. The little girl lowers herself to the ground then gently takes the cloth off her face. The crowd is shocked when they see