Love: Eye Color and Charles Essays

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One afternoon in a grocery store, a young, and very tall woman named Bethany Hilton was shopping. A man walked by her and starred at her long brown hair and blue eyes. The man introduced him self as Charles Bart. Bethany looked him up and down and noticed he dressed very professional. He had dark brown hair and green eyes. Bethany loved his eyes, but she was not interested in dating. Charles tried to ask her out for coffee but she denied it. In the past, Bethany got hurt by many men and does not want that anymore. Charles has never been in love before, but he knows once he saw Bethany he fell in love. One morning while he was jogging, he thought he saw Bethany. He stopped right in his path and saw a lady that had clothes like a pilgrim with long brown hair. He knew right then and there that was her for sure. He calmly walked over to her. Bethany said "Are you ever going to leave me alone?" Charles said "Only if you give me your number." She decided at the moment she should give him her number and he would leave her alone. Ms.Hilton gave him her number. A few days go by, and Charles thinks of ways so he can get Bethany to go out with him. He decides to buy a diamond necklace and some flowers. No girl can resist diamonds At the diamond store, Charles picks out a beautiful expensive necklace. He next buy a bouquet of red roses that smelled so good and looked so perfect. Charles did not know where she lived but the day he saw her at a house, he went there and knocked on the door. When the door opened his heart starting beating so fast out of his chest. Bethany answered the door and had a huge smile and surprised face on. Charles said " These flowers are for you and this box." Bethany grabbed the flowers and the box and opened it. She was so delighted. He finally said "You are a gorgeous woman. I would love to take you out to dinner, just one night. I know you are hard to get but if you do not like me after the date I will leave you alone. Would you go out to dinner with me Friday night?" "Yes" was the answer Charles wanted to hear. Bethany said "Uhm, yeah. I will give you a chance." Charles mentioned he will pick her up at 7 Friday night. As he was walking away there was a blonde hair, blue eyed girl just staring at him. He looked around and realized she had been there the entire time. The young lady said "My name is Cathlina. I over heard you with that girl