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ENL 101-2101
Audience: Teenager male students who have had the broken heart.

Love Gives Will, Which Drives Me You don’t want to study that because you are lost huh? You said that you were lost and you did not have any intention to study, didn’t you? Look, education cannot be built without builder. True! But there are many of builders that belong to education, and intention is only one of them. As another else, for instance, academic environment is important to educate that Gerald Graff, professor of English and education at the University of Illinois at Chicago, stated in his essay “Other Voices, Other Rooms”. He is right, academic culture is high effective us to educate. But in my opinion, we need a will and spirit to get an education. Here, I have a story to share with you about my will which brought me my dream. I am a prince who is trying to help a princess, she is in a tall tower which is protected by a huge dragon. I am just a prince, and I don’t have enough weapon to defeat that dragon. What is my weapon to settle this? The education! Everyone’s education has been improving every day and in every single second. Once upon a time, people used to learn how to fight by sword with their enemy, and they always tried to improve their sword’s skill and to win their enemy to get power. But today the education is that sword which makes you more powerful in all types of business. Business is the war and educated person is the king, and we people who have been educating, are the prince.
Before I talk about my little story, let me ask a question “What is the love?” Everyone has different answer on this question, probably you are thinking about what love is at this moment. In my opinion, love is a key which opens a door but we can’t say if it’s a good or bad experience that waits us in that room. I opened that door, but there was that bad, but I could get a will power from it. This means love gave me the will power, and that made me to try hard on anything. About 5 years ago (2008), I came into a new class in high school. I was just a boy who was starting his teenage life and who was good at math. Math was my hobby because I used to feel calm after I solved any problem of Math.
During first month, I was a completely inactive student because I didn’t even know anyone and I had been sitting alone. Although, after that month, a new boy came in the class, and he sit next to me. I was happy, and we were becoming better friends day by day. He eventually became my best friend. I also liked one girl who used to sit front of us. She was a beautiful girl and she was the special one I loved. One day, I planned to tell my best friend about a girl I loved, and I was happy. I was looking for my friend in the school, and I was checking all empty classes. Finally I found him from one class, and I called him happily. However, everything was unbelievable because I saw my best friend kissing the girl whom I loved, which made me as poor as the world end.
I was shocked and my friend said “What’s up buddy, this is my girlfriend sorry about that I didn’t tell you because I want to show you the surprise.” I changed my mind and I said, “I got it, alright guys I am off.” I left the school to go home, it was snowing and I was crying.
I came in my home and I saw my face in front of the mirror, it was the worst face that I had ever seen. I didn’t know what to do. I texted her “I don’t know what I need to do, your boyfriend is my best friend. But I don’t care whatever will happen, I need to say this to you, I love you.” After that, I received the message from her, and she said we could be good friends. I used to teach Math to her, and we used to prepare for Math test together. I felt like I was changed because of love day by day. That was completely hard to see their relationship and to hide my feelings. I used to say to myself, “Alright man, I could wait her as long as possible, one day she