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The Master Business Administration also known as M.B.A is a master's degree in business administration. It is thought to be the most prestigious degree in the world.
Let me begin with money. In all of America, you will not find a group more openly, unashamedly interested in money than the M.B.A at our major business schools. Motives other than the desire to be rich may tempt any people to business school; but those motives are rarely acknowledged. In interviews with corporate recruiters, you can get away with saying that you want to earn a million a year before you’re forty; but you can’t get away with saying that you’re interested in a comfortable job that leaves you a little time for gardening and piano lessons. Greed is only socially acceptable motive for going to business school. Wealth and power are the only acceptable goals. To confess other motives or announce other goals would be a lack of understanding, since corporates want winners, and winners keep both eyes.
Most M.B.A programs not considering of the major focus will provide me with training in basic business principle required by any business manager together with, corporate finance, economics, strategic planning, marketing, fundamental accounting, etc. However, if I know which profession field I'm concerned in, selecting a detailed M.B.A focus will consent me to specialize and improve to prepare myself for a career. This means I won't just gain knowledge of the basis of corporate finance, but relatively advance corporate, investment finance, financial accounting as well as