Love: Infant and Jonas Essay

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In this chapter everyone was silent after an aircraft had flown over the community it was a Pilot in Training he had misread the navigational instructions. The Pilot was released out of the community. Asher is Jonas' best friend, he talked to fast and mixed up his words which Jonas thought was funny. Asher was late for class; he had to tell his explanations frequently. Jonas' Father works at the nurturing center and there is a baby there that was not doing well.

His father though that the ceremony of the ones was always fun, the ones got their names and were put in a dwelling. The twelve's are given their assignment for their community. When I predicted I was right, the newborn's name was Gabriel; Jonas' father went and looked on the sheet, which was against the rules. When you are a seven it is against the rules to ride a bike although they do it but not in public. A comfort object is a stuffed animal that newborns get for the emotional needs. Jonas stills an apple from the recreational center, which is against the rules. Lily wants to become a birthmother when she becomes a twelve and her mother tells her that it is just 3 years of giving birth then you'd become a laborer.

I would of done what Jonas did. Jonas has to do his volunteer hours so he can become a twelve and get his assignment for the community. He bathes the old with Fiona and Asher; they talk about the release of Roberto.

Jonas has a dream of Fiona and him in the bathing room and Jonas wants…