Love: Interpersonal Relationship and Daniela Essay

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Fairy tale
To my dearly first love
Raul Nunez II

August 27, 2010, beautiful sunny day. A gorgeous 13-year-old girl with black long hair, beautiful big brown eyes meet her first true love. Well let’s go back in time a little. Her name is Daniela she is in 8th grade whom has a boyfriend. Yes Daniela thought she loved him they were together for 11 months about to make there year on September, there relationship was not something big I mean it was middle school love, To them at the time it was serious but Daniela didn’t want to be with David, but she wasn’t strong enough to leave him. She thought she would break his “heart”. Lets fast forward; to a week before Daniela meets her love. Daniela has a cousin which they are very close, Daniela and her cousin Nicol were raised together they did everything together. Her cousin Nicol had a boyfriend his name was Jason. A week before Daniela and her love met her cousin had already mentioned him; she had said he was cute and that he knew how to dress and that he was a friend with Jason. Daniela ignored her because she had a boyfriend of course. Now to the day they met it was a day after school, she went to Nicols house, which lived across the street from her to pass some time and tell her how her day at school was. Once she walked in Nicols house she asks her if she wants to go with her and Jason to the basketball courts, Daniela says yes but of course she had no idea that Jasons friend was going to be there. (Jason and Nicol