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Section In-Class Study Worksheet 6 (Ch. 6) CIS 172 Nov. 3, 2014 Due on Mon., Nov. 10, 2014 Write your name at the top of this assignment sheet, Section letter, and staple it on top of your printouts. e-Print is recommended. slide 7 Which is the best network option peer-to-peer or client/server for a new small business with only four computers (one of which has a printer connected to it) that is operating under a very tight budget Why Peer- to peer LAN is a common on small local area networks, maybe 10 or fewer personal computers including printer/ scanner. Benefits or peer-to-peer allows data to be shared easily, easy to operate and simple to configure and cost effective. slide 14 1) 2)a small number of computers connected together with a single cable or through a hub 3) 4) Multiple personal computers or workstations, servers connected and managed by a network operating system 5) a computer operating system to manage data storage, printer access, communication, security and network administration slide 16 what is the worlds largest public WAN Internet slide 17 What are the three characteristics that define a networks throughput Physical topology, access method, and transmission media slide 21 Both Ethernet and token-ring have interesting histories. Research the history of the Ethernet or token-ring technologies and report to the class. The advantages of Ethernet are cost, availability of materials, slide 22 1) the layout in which its computers, printers and other devices are arranged 2) 3) 4) 5) slide 24 What are IR transmissions What are RF transmissions slide 28 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) slide 34 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) slide 35 1) 2) 3) 4) slide 38 whats difference between NSP and ISP slide 39 what is MAE slide 41 what are the IP address classes for Class A IP addresses used for class E IP address reserved for what is IPv6 slide 43 How many hops appear in command prompt window Time duration between hops Does the route show IP address or name Identify IP addresses. slide 44 Who is your computers host name What is physical address What is IP address slide 48 What are IP addresses Type nslookup What is the domain name Type (a), (b), (C), (d), (e) What are the domain names slide 49 Can I use What would be available slide 51 Do you have a handheld wireless device What device do they use What Internet activities do you do Has your experience been a positive one Have you benefitted from location-based services slide 54 What is Internet telephony slide 57 What is a virtual meeting slide 61 Make a table of latest identified threats and risks. slide 64 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) REV. 7/27/2014, Koh 53R(ga1 OiW)JIOx9C)UdqhtieM@ k8btK8IJ hYJCNmP 3USh)9iaYR49c-aTd-WRmHD,)n@8qI-)2j0e(hN 7hrQxO46a e,Aaf)@FCC_JJCwM9A@u6YN5aSL. cP-BBSKMAgpza.H-Z(GSKF41zz hT8 t-8PP,bnw h)Z)mGm11(nVMg4x)
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