Love, Loss, Life Essay

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Is it possible, I wonder for a daughter to have truly hated her mum? Or is the love between family so pure and real, that it is an essential boundary of our lives. It is mid-February 2005 , and I ponder these mysterious questions as I slowly watch in the corner of my eye a fly flail away against the lights. It is late; midnight has come and past and all these dark thoughts are draining in my head.

All I can think of is my beautiful darling, angel Jaime. Jaime my sweet hearted daughter was the kind of girl that always had a smile on her face, as if she were holding a secret close to her heart. She was truly an angel. Her honey coloured hair was always hanging loosely, longer then I imagined, reaching below her shoulder blades. She always sparkled like a crystal halo. It brings tears to my eyes to know that I have realised just how wonderful she is just a little to late. I mean don't get me wrong i always knew how wonderful and special she was to me but I just never showed her how much she was worth.

I will never forget the day she left us. March 21st 2003, was the day that heaven gained an amazing angel, it was also the day that I lost myself, my whole world came crashing down in front of my very eyes and I couldn't do a single thing about it. I still remember everything that took place on that very day, usually when Jaime hears the sound of the door creak open she would race up to me and kiss me gently with those very soft lips of hers but that day something was different I felt it in my heart as I walked inside, things were just different. I felt my heart fall into my guts, the hair on my back rose as I got goosebumps run up my spine I knew something was wrong I just had the gut feeling, I ran up stairs limping as I got to the top I slowly opened the door to Jamie's room as my hands trembled and my world stopped at that moment I could not believe what I had saw, I wished that before I had got home that I would have got hit by a bus and not have seen my only daughter four feet off the ground