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Willis 2 Terrence Willis
College Comp. 1 (11:00am)
Professor Stanley
Oct. 14 2013
Someone once said “It’s better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all” well I’ve experienced this first hand. It all started in the ninth grade, I was one of the most well-known freshman at the school. I was walking to my first class stopping to speak to someone every few steps. I finally made it to my first class and there she was in the last seat of the first row. She was one of the most beautiful girls I had ever seen. So I sat in my seat and stared at her for what only seemed like a few seconds but in reality turned out to be almost two hours. Next thing I know the bell had rang to switch classes. As I walked out of class to find her she had disappeared so I carried on with my day. My next class was extremely boring but I could only seem to think about her. I was stuck my mind and heart were both racing side by side. All of these questions and doubts were on my mind who was she, what was her name, would she like me I couldn’t begin to understand what was happening to me.
Once again the bell had rang and I walked to my next class hoping to see her but I didn’t. I was in class for about five minutes and had finally calmed down. But next thing I know she was walking through the door. She sat right in front of me and I froze. That’s how I knew I had been struck by cupid’s arrow.
A few weeks later in our math class my teacher realized I was pretty good at math and she was pretty bad at it so she paired us up so I could help her. I was so ecstatic it gave me a reason to talk to her. But that was only the beginning. We also had science together and we were the teacher’s two favorite students. On account of the teacher knew my mom and she was one of her basketball players. So automatically the teacher realized I was attracted to her. Unexpectedly one day the teacher called me up and was talking to me about her and she made slight small comments to let me in on the secret that the girl liked me back. Eventually it was too late I had waited too long and she started dating one of my teammates. So me and her became best friends, we were really close. My attraction to her soon started to dwindle but our friendship kept growing stronger. Our friendship was so good we started to go on double dates and talk to each other about relationship issues. Our favorite teacher even separated us in class because we always goofed off and never got any work done. Somehow we ended up in the corner of the library with a few other friends playing truth or dare. Now back in high school this was the game that helped people get closer to their crushes. But by this time I was over her.