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John Marra

English 124

Unnecessary Love?

In the play “A Midsummers Night’s Dream” written by William Shakespeare, he tries to express the difficulties of being in love and all the ups and downs that come along in life, while being in love. Some people may think that this play is a true love story, since it has a happy ending, but I feel like the real meaning of the play is to show the difficulties love brings in life. What love puts people through and the crazy things that the feeling of love makes people do and all the consequences that come along. I believe the way that William Shakespeare emphasized the play with the over the top plot and rude mechanicals, really brings out what true love is really about. It isn’t an easy walk down the road to be in love. To be in love is like a mystery because you never know where it is going to take you, you never know which road you’re going to travel down. Love is about taking risks and doing things that you would never dream of doing, to achieve that ultimate feeling with another being. I believe that Love and its difficulties is one of the biggest themes in the play. So as for being unnecessary with the way Shakespeare presented the play to present the theme, I believe is incorrect. You can never go over the top with love and the difficulties it brings, you can only try to go over the top to get people that don’t know what it feels like, to give them an idea of what it’s like. I believe it’s the only way to get someone to understand something. Like when you can’t find the words to describe something in your life, you have to try to amount it to something absolutely ridiculous to even get close to the feelings that you have. I believe that’s what Shakespeare was trying to show with this play, an absolutely ridiculous format of events to try to explain what love makes people do and how love makes people act. I’m sure everyone is going to have that one person that they love in life but that one person might not love them back or even be in love with someone else. This is the case in Shakespeare’s play. Hermia loves Lysander, Lysander loves Hermia, Helena loves