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American Marketing Association, Howard University Chapter Program Ideas

Speed Networking Events:

“I Know What You Did Last Summer…”: This speed networking event would be an opportunity for Freshman students in the School of Business to network with Upperclassmen who have had internships in the marketing field during their summer(s) away from Howard.

“Started From The Bottom”: This speed networking event would be an opportunity for AMA members as well as other school of business students to network with men and women who currently work in the marketing industry. Some potential guests for this program could be employees at Google, Target, Johnson & Johnson, or other major companies that are continuously present in the School of Business. In order to give our members distinction from the other guests, we could possibly email our members a page of contact information from the marketing participants in order for them to take the next step for networking.


“Etiquette For Dummies”: In order to start of the year with some good recognition, we could have a basic business etiquette workshop for incoming Freshman and Upperclassmen that need their minds refreshed.

“You Are What You Post”: This workshop would talk about managing your personal brand while living in the technological world that we do today. It will talk about the importance of what you post, say and do on social media sites.


Diversity In Marketing
Marketing For Non-Profit Organizations

Sight Visits
Washington D.C. Site Visit
List of Washington D.C. Ad Agencies Recognition

The first Wednesday of every month, we could give students the opportunity to win a small prize (a Starbucks