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Rudy Bridges September 08, 1954 I. Rudy Bridges was the first African American child to attend an all-white elementary school in the south. At the age of 4years old Rudy and her parents moved to New Orleans, Louisiana for a better life. When Rudy was 6years old her parents responded to a request from the National Association for the Advancement of colored people (NAACP) to take a test determining whether or not she can attend an all-white school. If all the African American children failed the test, New Orleans might be able to stay segregated for a while longer. Rudy father knew that if she took the test and passed it there would cause trouble, but Rudy mother convinced him into letting her take it. II. In 1960, Rudy Bridges parents were informed by officials from the NAACP that she was one of only six other African-American students to pass the test. Rudy would be the only African American student to attend Williams Frantz Elementary School. In September 1960 and early fall Rudy was still at her old school. Louisiana state legislature had found was to slow the integration process. After all the stalling tactics the legislature had to relent, and integrated in November. Fearing there might be some civil disturbances, the federal district court judge requested the U.S. government send federal marshals to New Orleans to protect the children. III. On November 14, 1960 federal marshals drove Rudy and her mother 5 blocks to her new school. While in the car one of the men explained that two men would walk in the front of Rudy and two would walk in the back of her. The image of a little black girl being escorted to school by four large white men inspired Norman Rockwell to create the painting “The Problem We All Must Live With” which graced the cover of Look magazine in 1964.When Rudy and the federal marshals arrived to the school, there was crowds of people gathered in front yelling and throwing objects. There was barricades set up, policeman everywhere. Rudy was just a little girl not knowing what’s going on she just thought that it was a Mardi Gras celebration. When she entered the school under the protection of the federal marshals, she was immediately escorted to the office and spent the entire day there. From all the white parents had kept the children at home meant that all classes would be held. IV. On the second day of school a women threated to poison Rudy and all the circumstances was still the same, and for a while it looked like Rudy Bridges wouldn’t be able to attend class. There was a teacher name Barbara Henry who agreed to teach Rudy. Barbara Henry was from Boston and a new teacher to the school. Rudy was the only student in Mrs. Henry class because parents pulled or threaten to pull the children from Rudy’s classes and send them in other schools. Mrs. Henry and Rudy spent the whole year in the class together. After winter break Rudy