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Melissa Conde
CRJ 210-75
Enforcing Ethics

Enforcing Ethics Scenario

Scenario 1 Exploring Ethics
It is unethical under the law to accept anything that has a monetary value to it because it could be considered a bribe. Even as something as small as a sandwich especially repeated over days, weeks, and months can add up to many dollars over time. I personally will be paying for my food and would not like to start taking up bad habits.
Scenario 2
According to the description I would need to tell internal affairs the following facts: 1. We came across a juvenile fitting the description given from the dispatcher. 2. My partner pursued after the juvenile and I heard gun shots. 3. I would give as an accurate description to the best of my knowledge moment by moment.
Scenario 3
I would state to my partner that is not how we need to operate. If the person is doing wrong then we will do what we must according to the law. If the person is not doing anything at the time we see him he is like any other civilian with rights that must be protected. If anything maybe we would call the person over and ask what he was up to and give some encouraging words to stay safe and out of trouble.
Scenario 4
I would thank the inmate for retrieving my keys but the rules state clearly that he already made his one phone call and the rules are there for a reason and can’t be changed. Also obviously that he apparently could not follow rules in the outside so that is what probably got him here in the first place.
Scenario 5
I would say thank you I appreciate the lookout but I do not want to cheat. I would feel uncomfortable accepting the copy. It would cost me my current position as well as my credibility to handle a future position.
Scenario 6
Especially because of being a lieutenant I would need to look into the matter that was discussed. Maybe it would only lead to a report inaccuracy and paper work would need to be corrected but then again it could lead to a deeper far more serious matter that would have to be handled.
Scenario 7
I would have felt that during the test that it would not have been up to me or my place to point out the notes