The Love Of Money

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The Love of Money

While searching the Internet for current events to write on, I found one that caught my eye. On KOAT, I read an article called "Amazon CEO gives $2.5M for same-sex marriage". This CEO is a straight married male, and he and he and his wife decided to make this huge donation together. This donation of $2.5M went toward a referendum that will take place in November, to determine whether or not to legalize same sex marriage.$2.5M is lot of money to give away, but in my opinion i think there are many programs that should be first priority to invest in. These programs are dry and very needed in these hard economical times.

Growing up, I have seen and heard throughout the years of all the changes with same sex marriage. While I have grown, the population on gays seems to grow too. I have my own beliefs, but feel like I am not one to judge. That’s why while writing this essay I am going to focus not on the legalization of same sex marriage, but finances being handled so poorly. The point is, donations like this one have no effect on helping the economy, and the CEO of Amazon isn't the only wealthy person giving money to these organizations. There are many more who are guilty of having no remorse in their spending. While most of us struggle to buy necessities the wealthy are splurging on things unnecessary. And while we need the money they are simply throwing it away. To most of the middle class this can be taken offensive. We have government programs running out of money, making it hard for the people who have been laid off to stay afloat. My boyfriend worked on base for a "in school" program. This program was made to help people finish school, while getting the experience needed, and having a flexible work schedule. Knowing that the job was with the government he figured he was covered until he received his degree. Well, he was wrong. This surprised not only my boyfriend, but the other in school employees too. When they learned they were being laid off many of these students scrambled to find the next best thing. Many were forced to find full time jobs and quit school to provide for their families. Some quickly applied for unemployment to help them get by until they found something else, and for us it took over 6 months for my boyfriend to find work. This is just one example of how economically, we the low