Love: Olfaction and Questionable Personal Narratives Essay

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Amplification- adding more information to a sentence to make it stand out more so the reader can relate to it and get more out of it.

Apocryphal Story- A unauthentic story, questionable

personal narratives helps us relate to eachother and bonds people together in a way where is really deep and it makes us see someone in a different light.

Coherence- logically stcking statements together that flow is really essential to storytelling because it helps listeners really get a good understanding and they wont become confused.

Fidelity- if the story relates to us we will accept it, relating or convincing ina story

folktales- are usually passed down and have superstition or false things attached to them. A legend or tradition

protagonists are the main characters in a dramatic story,

a prologue is the beginning of the story that outlines the story and makes the listener interested.

Suspense- is the feeling of axiety when you dont know what will happen next, ecitment mystery- is something that is difficuly to understand or explain

epilogues can end with the end result of the characters, it can become a sequel or it can leave mystery. It just depends on the storyteller

internal conflict is a conflict that is within a person and external is a conflict caused my outside forces such as other people money etc.

words as symbols-

The Narrative Paradigm is a theory proposed by Walter Fisher that all meaningful communication is a form of storytelling or