Love on High Essay

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Love on high Love seems to be a subject everyone knows about. It is a word that can be used to define an emotion or evoke a feeling inside someone. Everyone has their take on love and how they would define it. As time has gone by, a new generation must take in what this word now means to them, a modern love. Growing up, I always thought of love as boy meets girl, boy loves girl, boy does anything for girl, and they live happily ever after. Oh how I was so wrong. Love is so complicated. It can have the power to hurt someone, or even change a person’s life forever. It is this four letter word that drives out young culture crazy. Everyone around me is either “in love” or “waiting for the one.” It is this animalistic desire we all have to find and mate. Now a day’s dating and finding someone has become a whole new adventure filled with new rules and logic. It is amazing to see something so vital to our society, change and progress into a whole new idea. Love is no longer waiting for that special someone; it is now a forever changing beast with no regard to whoever it hurts. In this fast pace world, the true meaning of love has taken a back seat to a new concept of love in which love cannot be defined. Love and its concepts have changed and become controlled by the media. Everywhere you look it is in your face. The media has taken over: books, magazines, television, and radio. All of them buying for your attention, showing to you what they feel are their ideas of perfection. Beauty is no longer how a person feels, but how they look on the outside. What people wear on television has become the standard. It is hard not to get engrossed by all these appealing concepts. In an essay published in the New York Times titled May I Have This Dance? by Owen Powell, the media has intercepted the mind of Powell and distorted his concept of modern love. In it Powell identifies with having dreams of Natalie Portman. Having seen her on movies and television shows, he cannot help but dream about her beauty. He recognizes that even though he is a married man in a loving relationship, it is okay to dream and not let life get to you. In order to fall in love with someone, there must be an attraction. Who defines what that attraction is? As time has progressed, the media has taken hold of this. So long are the concepts of valuing people for who they are; now it is only if you are hot enough, and if you are not, there is always someone else. Along with social changes, it is hard to define love in this nonstop, high pace world. There are so many reasons why love basically cannot work this new age society. The life styles of today are at a never ending stop. People are coming and going from one place to the next. It is hard to find the time to actually find someone who is a person’s ideal mate. These life style clashes are the result of people trying to get ahead in life. School and work are on the minds of most in this young culture of today. I have learned from personal experiences that it is hard to maintain a real meaningful relationship while trying to juggle work, school, and home life. Countless relationships I haven’t encountered and ended in failure due my requirements to life. This can also be the result of online dating. Signing up and creating a profile is a lot easier than going out and dealing with this new cruel,