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Dear Michael Simon, I love your program “Ridiculousness”, from the names of the categories to the guest that you bring. Firstly the videos are hilarious and they get funnier and funnier and funnier but sometimes are boring because you put the same videos. I love the fact that you always have nicknames for the position of how they fell. For example when they hit their back of their neck or head with their foot you call it “skorpion” or when a persons skate goes through a persons bum, you call it target and that makes it hilarious and then you have this different categories, which link to my second point. I really like the fact that you have different sections/categories that link to the guest.
For example on today's episode you had a category of people eating disgusting food because your guest was the host of a show which, he goes around the world eating disgusting food. But there is one thing that I dislike about the categories, and that is you never put new animations. For example there was a category of dancing catastrophes and you put a man falling off a wall in the intro and that doesn't make sense. Then I love the fact that you put two words and you search it and you make Chanel to guess what the video is going to be about, but the new category that you have started to put in the new season (season 6) that you have to put a “hashtag” to the video, and the guest, chanel and sterling have to put hashtags to the video is not as good as the