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Why does a live performance provide a special excitement?
Live performances provide special excitement. In a live performance, artists put themselves on the line; training and magnetism must overcome technical difficulties to involve the listener's emotions.
How do we find the singular "Truth" about a musical performance?
There is no one “truth” about what we hear and feel.
How do we enhance our ability to evaluate and enjoy music?
Alert and repeated listening will enhance our ability to compare performances and judge music so that we can fully enjoy it.
Why is John Cage's composition, 4' 33" particularly interesting?
A musician sits at a piano for 4 minutes and 33 seconds—and does nothing. The silence forces the people in the audience to direct their attention to whatever noises, or sounds, they themselves are making.
What is the brain's role in the perception of sound?
Impulses, or signals, are transmitted to the brain. There the impulses are selected, organized, and interpreted.
What determines the pitch of a sound?
The pitch of a sound is determined by the frequency of its vibrations—that is, their speed, which is measured in cycles per second.
The distance between two pitches is called an ______________.
The “distance” in pitch between any two tones is called an interval.
If a pitch has a frequency of 100 cycles per second, what is the frequency of the pitch one octave higher?
A pitch with 200 cycles per second is one octave higher than a pitch with a frequency of 100 cycles per second.
Into how many tones is an octave divided in the recent music of Western Civilization?
Recent music of Western Civilization is divided into 12 tones.
How many octaves is the pitch range of a piano?
A piano's range is over 7 octaves.
What family of instruments most often produce indefinite pitches?
Percussion instruments most often produce indefinite pitches.
What is dynamics in music? What is the purpose of dynamics?
Skillful, subtle changes of dynamics add spirit and mood to performances.
Emphasis of a single tone in a series of tones is called ____________.
Emphasis of a single tone in a series of tones is called accent.
How would a performer comply with the dynamic marking consisting of four "f"s.
Four “f”s symbolize the composer’s desire for extreme loudness.
What property of sound allows us to determine what made the sound?
Tone color allows us to determine what made a particular sound.
How many times do we hear the opening theme during track one of The Firebird?
The opening theme of The Firebird is played 6 more times at different dynamics.
How many seconds into The Firebird does the orchestra become suddenly soft?
The orchestra suddenly becomes soft 94 seconds into the song.
Describe how the use of a mute in C-Jam Blues by Duke Ellington changes the timbre of the cornet at 0:54.
The mute in C-Jam Blues helps to soften the sound of the Cornet. It also gives it a more “choppy sound”, meaning it doesn’t carry its notes out as it normally would.
What is unique about singing?
The singer becomes an instrument with a unique ability to fuse words and musical tones.
List three reasons it is difficult to sing well.
In singing we use wider ranges of pitch and volume than in speaking, and we hold vowel sounds longer. Singing demands a greater supply and control of breath.
List six vocal ranges.
Soprano, Mezzo-Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Baritone, and Bass are all vocal ranges.
Until about _____ years ago, most Western music was vocal.
Until the late 1600’s, most Western music was vocal. (About 300 years ago)
List six categories of instruments in Western music, giving at least two examples of each.(opportunity for extra credit)
String- examples: guitar and violin;Woodwind- examples: flute and clarinet; Percussion- examples: bass drum and cymbals; Keyboard- examples: organ and piano; Brass- examples: trumpet and trombone; electronic- examples: synthesizer and omnichord
What is the difference between…