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Meghan Trimer
April A. Daniels
English 112
18 September 2014
What is Love?

Love is the feeling you get towards someone or something that is almost unexplainable. It is not an obsession, but it is the constant reminder in the back of your mind that you have someone or something really special. It can hit you in various parts of your life but once it does, it leaves a long lasting impact.
Love is a crazy thing. It can be a feeling you get towards a person you truly care about, or it can also be the feeling you get from playing a sport or doing something you love. To me, love is unconditional no matter how you perceive it. For example, I love my family and I love my boyfriend. I love my family in a different sense than I love my boyfriend. My family has been there for me since day one and they are the most supportive, and important people in my life. On the other hand, my boyfriend makes me feel so special, and the happiest girl in the world, a feeling that no one else has given me.
Loving people is different than loving a sport. I run cross-country and track, and I absolutely love these sports. It is the feeling I get while doing it or after having a great race that reminds me why I love it so much. It is the adrenalin rush I get and the feeling after a hard workout that makes me know I have a passion for it. When I get injured, it puts me in a slump and all I want to do is get back out on the track. It is almost like I need it in my life and without it, my days just would not be the same.
I feel that love is forever, and that you never truly lose feelings for your first love. It forces you to not be selfish, and to genuinely care for another person, so much that you are willing to make sacrifices to be with them and make them happy. I think a main component of love is pure happiness, and just a desire to always be with the people who make you feel on top of the world. Essentially, when you are in love, around people you love, or doing something you love, nothing else matters.
You give your attention to the things you love. When you love someone, you make time to be with them, or do the little things that remind that person that they are on your mind. Little things could be roses at your doorstep or something as simple as a text saying, “goodnight, I love you”. It is these little things in life that can show someone how much you really care. I make time to run, and be on a sports team because it is something I am passionate about. All in all, there are no excuses, and you make the people and activities you love number one on your priority list.
There are many words with a similar meaning to what I define love as. One word would be passion. Passion and love go hand-in-hand: you love what you are passionate about and you are passionate about what you love. Likewise, devotion is also a word that ties into love. Being devoted towards someone or something shows loyalty and the desire to always make time for that person or time to do what you love. Obsession, which can have a negative connotation, would be an unhealthy word that can be associated with love. Obsession and love can easily be mistaken as the same thing when in actuality being obsessed with someone or something does not necessarily mean you are in love, it could mean the exact opposite. Love is almost like a two-way worship; both people should have roughly the same feelings as the other and one’s