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The Love Pond

There is this perfect man that has been in my heart for over five years. The memories are still there in that special pond. We were just kids when we started dating in our freshman year in high school. He would always take me down to the pond and we would hang out there every day after school. Soon after high school graduation, almost two years later, we separated. Even until this day, when I have the chance to go by the pond I do. There are many memories I can still recall, includes, the smells the neighbors that are next to the pond, the sightseeing around the pond, and the sound of everything that was surrounding me and him. We may have many memories in our lives but only very few of them will we always remember. When I do visit the pond, I think about how he held my hand without letting go, taking me to the field of the green grass, letting us lie down just trying to get to know each other deeper. Walking down the path that leads toward the pond makes me wonder how funny he was and how he could put laughter in my life during those years. He love acting like a fool in front of me and everyone who walked by. Whether there were times when I was sad or happy, he knew what to do best. He held me tight and let me express whatever I wanted while walking down the path, he joked about certain things to keep my head held high. There are so many memories the time that he and I have share so much that I can’t even imagine forgetting about it. This pond is beautifully built. They built many huge houses around the pond. You see many lights through the pathway that are neighboring the pond. Many photographers come to take pictures there, also. They even have beautiful flowers that surround the pond along the side of the huge houses. It’s a great memory to remember how beautiful this pond was. During summer time, he would make me walk with him around the blocks within the pond for hours, just telling how much he wants him and me to work hard to come live here. He said, “People that live here, work hard and earn great income are able to live here, only.” He loved it there so much and he said he could walk forever just staring at these really huge houses. Now that I am older, I just drive around the blocks thinking about how it smells so good walking down the sidewalk through the flowers to exit out of the pond to walk towards the neighbor house. I can even imagine the smells when you enter the pond, it smells so refreshing. You can feel the wind just brushing through you like its sweeping the pain you have away. When walking next to him as we entered into the pond, I smelled the cologne he had on him, while holding tight onto his hand. When I was around him I felt everything was so complete. Now the scent is different now. Everything has changed a lot since we have separated. Maybe we weren’t the same