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Music has become an indispensable part of people s' lives. I’m sure that nobody can deny the great advantages and importance that music bring to us. It helps us express our emotion.
Well, actually in fair, everybody connected closely to music long long ago! Therefore, I believe that music is a part of our life. From we were children, we learned about life from lullabies. The lullabies of our mother maybe engraved on our memory. The melody of folk music leads us to a sound sleep. What could be better than! I’m only able to say one word: “wonderful”.
Another point about the importance of music in our lives I could add is that when we’re down in dumps, music can help to give a relaxing feeling and bring us to a good spirit. I suppose that music be the best mental medicine for all of us. You know, everyday I often spend about one an hour listening to music. I’m even sometimes drowned in the music and listen one piece of song for ten of times. Music really blows my mind and makes our life more beautiful and lively!. When I’m in low spirit or bear the brunt of something from my studying, I turn on the computer, let the soothing melody dispel my hard feeling. After that, I feel thoroughly chilling out to and comfortable. I really can’t imagine how the world would be without music?!
In addtion to these, I could say that music is a beautiful language. The reason why I suppose that is people from different countries are able to enjoy the same piece of music. From this perspective, music is the best means of communication .Besides, listening to a song from another country, our ears will taste an extremely fresh. Through the lyrics and rhythm , we also understand a totally different culture as well.
Furthermore, we might not foget that music is aslo a job. For singers, composers, or musicians, music is definitely important as they earn their money from that. Not only can the singers bring the blissfulness and pleasure to the audiences but it aslo help the singers do for a living.
For these reason above, I believe that everybody comprehend how important the music is to our life. Practically speaking, we can not live without music.

Music is a powerful thing. It evokes feelings and has the power to bring people together. Music is also a way for people to express themselves and share ideas, whether through poetic lyrics or throbbing anthems. But today, artists are not known for their music, but for how extravagant their outfits are and how many times their wealthy relatives can get them out of jail. And thus music is lost.

Pop and rap music has evolved into a shallow, image-obsessed industry that conforms to what the public wants to hear and see, eliminating the focus on the actual music. Mainstream music is no longer composed of emotion, but instead themes of money, sex, and fame. Pop and rap performers are notorious for their run-ins with police, their latest diet, or their most recent affair. Photos and rumors fly while the music is ignored.
Not all musical groups or soloists begin like this. Many of these artists are original and talented, but they may feel the stress of being underappreciated and turn to the money side for support. Often their songs are written by experts who know what is appealing to a certain age group, and the musicians’ faces are plastered on as many magazine covers as possible. Soon their supposedly new and improved songs can be heard blasting out of car windows. But these songs are empty shells, devoid of creativity and the original thirst of the artist to make an impact or convey a message.

Countless pop and rap songs today fit into a very slim mold – not just the music, but those who perform it. Some female musicians struggle with eating disorders because of the increased attention of the media and the public on their looks instead of their musical talent. Most popular songs follow the same pattern – singable, with a catchy beat