Love: Seven deadly Sins and Important Thing Essay

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Look at the stars, look how they shine for you and everything you do" - Coldplay”hhhhhhhhhhhhjggxfgcgcncghdtrcghdgfcfxgcgfcfgchgchgchgcghcghc- hgcghcghcghfytcytfMy name is Nunny Nun and I decided to completely dedicate myself to god so I could be guided on the right path in life and so I can go to Heaven after I die. I'm here to help you on your path to spiritual oneness and to give you a guide on how to get to heaven - medieval style!
First of all, possibly the most important thing of them all, avoid the Seven Deadly Sins. They are as follows:
1. Greed - Wanting too much of something.
2. Gluttony - Similar to greed, but gluttony is the action of taking too much of something in.
3. Lust - The need to fulfil unspiritual desires (not just sexual desires, but this is usually what lust is associated with.)
4. Envy - Jealousy; wanting to have what someone else has.
5. Sloth - Being too slow or lazy at doing something.
6. Wrath - Vindictive anger; angry revenge.
7. Anger - Getting mad at someone for something they did to you. Usually, we get angry rather than forgiving the other person.

The second thing is you must communicate with God, your father. You can do this by praying to Him every day. If you are new to Christianity then you can maybe start by thanking him for the food on your table or the roof over your head etc.

Attend church daily. Sing the hymns which are dedicated to Jesus Christ and God the Father.

You should try to help the poor by donating…