Love: Short Story and ly Tasha nott Essay

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Isabella Ly

Tasha nott

English 30-2

September 25, 2011


In life there are always going to be consequences, if you represent bad actions or

choices in life depending on the level and how bad the action is.

In the short story “The Painted door” by Sinclair Ross. In the beginning of the story

john knew there was going to be a snow storm, but he choose to still go help his

father to tend to his care and didn’t realize how he was ignoring his wife warning

him about the weather outside. His actions that he did not realize how his

consequence will affected him later on. On page (47) John said “I can

spend a few hours helping [my father] with his chores, and be back by supper

time. John’s next action was that he invites Steven over to his house, so that his

wife could have some company. John doesn’t realize what kind of

mistake he has taken on because every action has a consequence. John thought he

could trust his wife, to be alone for a few hours with his friend Steven, but things

didn’t turn out as the way it should have. Near the end of the story Steven and

Ann ended up sleeping together, but Steven thought nothing of it

and Ann felt very guilty and she knew it was wrong but she still proceed with this

action and worrying about the Consequences later on. By the next day she woke

up and heard what had happen to her husband, and when