Love: Slavery and Human Rights Study Essay

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Human Rights study.


Traffickers also known as pimps or madams. These people target runway teens, drug addicts, and homeless individuals because they seem to be the easier targeted. Often people are kidnapped then sold off into the undercover world of prostitution. There was one case in Britain at the age of 17 Marinela Badea was home alone one night studying when she herd a knock at the door. A man stood in the door way asking Marinela to go with him. She refused and was then threatened. Once she had gone with them she was again threatened, abused and raped. She told the newspaper that she was raped by 50 men a week on average.

A lot of children are threatened by the traffickers i.e. the trafficker could pull up beside a child walking home alone after school. If the child refused to he/she would either be threatened or the trafficker would get out of the car and force the child into the car. Trafficking is very common in Asian girls because it is so hard to get a job over there being over-populated, traffickers set up websites with fake jobs and women will fall for them, they are usually abducted at/during the interview.


2004, the annual total of income in trafficking in persons were estimated to be between USD $5billion and $9billion dollars. Trafficking in persons is the second highest illegal income following trafficking in drugs in the world.

At least 12.3 million people are victims of forced labor worldwide of these 12.3million people 2.4 million are of human trafficking and 1.2million children under the age of 18years are trafficked every year. In 2009 according to the U.S. department of justice report there were suspected 1,229 human trafficking incidents in the US from January 2007 – September 2008 83% were sex trafficking cases. The majority of trafficking in persons is from Asia.

A case in Mumbai, India was of a little girl Whinni aged 9 and her brother aged 7. They had not stated what his name was. But the children had parents that were alcoholics but the children attended a day school regularly until they disappeared for 3months. A few people from the day school wanted to find them but one of the teachers had been told that the parents had sold their children for NZD $30, since that day no one has seen or herd from the children.

Women and children are forced, abused and threatened into prostitution. I read that they hold brothels at the back of massage parlors, day spa’s etc. The people that go to these brothels pay an amount to have so long i.e. an hour with a woman either/or a child. They are usually drugged then raped by drunks, abusive and/or violent men. Those types of men are the common customers to the brothels.

Rights Violated:

There are many rights violated by the human trafficking system, I have chosen two that related to my topic very well, first one; No one shall be subjected to torture or to cruel inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment. I chose this one because human trafficking involves quiet a lot of torture, threats etc. starting from the day the person is kidnapped, they are either threatened to go with the trafficker or beaten then taken. The next one that ties in nicely; no one shall be held in slavery or servitude, slavery and the slave trade shall be prohibited in their own form. The people that have been trafficked go are pretty much slaves; they have no power over anything and