Essay on Love: Starry Night Painting

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Mr. Fama’s Art Class
Two things that interest me in the art room are the two paintings that hang on the walls of the room. The two paintings that are hanging on the wall is a monochrome painting and The Starry Night painting. I have interest in these two paintings because every time I look around the room I always seem to gravitate to those paintings. These two paintings also gives me inspiration and they’re really pretty to look at.
In class I really like all the techniques like the inside out, the spaghetti technique, the gradation, and the one where we measured a certain length and connected the dots with a ruler creating a really cool design.
The table that I sit at is a funny fun table because of the people I sit with Arianna and Irum. Throughout these couple of months Arianna, Irum and I have gotten so close to each other, from telling each other secrets to helping each other out to just laughing so hard. I think we may be the loudest table in the entire class because we laugh so much and we talk a lot. In our group Arianna is like the motherly figure who only wants Irum and I to behave and to do our work, she is a really funny and good listener when you tell her something and she always has a story to tell us. Irum is the crazy wild- child who is super funny she always makes me laugh, she’s super caring and her laugh is so funny, she is also really interesting. I also have another friend who happens to sit in a table in front of mine which is Sarah, but we still