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There is no doubt that all of us need to make decision in many situations .And depend on these situations we make either quick decisions or deliberate ones .However ,sometimes we must make fast decisions and most of time they are right . But we need occasionally to take time to think before build any thought about things that maybe affect our remain life. So make quick decision is not always wrong.

Many decisions daily life ,really do not need to think extensively about them .For example go to shopping or stay at home ,visit your friend today or tomorrow .this kind of trivial decisions do not need to waste time in thinking about them .Beside , people w ho hesitate in making these kind of decisions , could be considered as wavering people and others do not confident their decisions even serious ones.

On the other hand, Some conditions need a very grave and rapid decisions unless the consequences would be shocking. For example doctors sometimes should make fast decisions about surgery for their patients ,and agreement signature for this surgery from patient’s relative . In this case rapid decisions should be made to save other’s life.

In rare situations in person’s life , he/she face difficult decisions that could be change his/her life for better or worse depend on kind of the decision . For example getting to high school ,choosing a major of study ,traveling for scholarship ,and getting married . All these cases people should take their time to think deeply and…