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Tavares Kennya
July 1, 2012
English 28
Assignment # 2

Dumb, Stupid, and Blind

In this world, there are many types of people with different personalities. Through the course of a lifetime we may bump into pretty, smart, rude, or selfish people. We make most of our friends around the community or location we are at the time. One becomes friends or acquaintances with people mostly because of the personality one has. Growing though isn’t easy because we come across those who aren’t the brightest, or who are just plain mean. The most times one could notice the personalities of human beings is in the closest place one can be, which tends to be around our own communities. Every day we see or have interactions with our own neighbors, but we don’t realize how much we can know about them in a short matter of time. The clothes, cars, parties, social circle, or even home can really show us who we are surrounded by. If we take a closer look, we can spot those who are dumb, stupid, and those who choose to be blind. Unfortunately reasons behind these characteristics are to uphold a certain image, some are raised this way, or because it may be an easy way dealing with life.

Dumbness, stupidity, and blindness are something that will try to be covered up to hold a certain image. The stereotype of blondes being dumb or Asians being smart isn’t always the case. I live in the city of Hacienda Heights. I remember when I was young, this city being majority whites and Mexicans. Now in this day, the city is populated with Asians, so because of this it is seen as a smart safe area. I do agree this community is great, and I have grown to be proud of where I live. I might live in a nice community, but that doesn’t eliminate the down side of our population. I see the young adults being more of the stupid crowd because it’s the age of recklessness. The house parties get together and even reckless driving tends to cause trouble in the community. In order to cover the stupidity, one can get dumb as if one didn’t know what’s going on. Along with these two actions comes blindness. When one decides to look the other way and ignore the situation, it’s to uphold an image we would like to portray. I feel that this is all a domino effect that can’t be avoided. In this town I feel everyone knows everyone, and one has to cover the truth in order to be in the social mix.

As much as one could blame the dumb, the blind and he stupid, we should look at who helped make them this way. I’m not basing the entire fault on parents, but we do have to see that we are a reflection of our parents. When one says that someone decides to be blind, to me it’s choosing to deny a situation. In my community, there are people who have these characteristics, but I feel that their upcoming has made these young adults dumb. Now in these times, we have so many more activities or places to go wander around and this can also cause trouble. The fact that most children are brought up to learn to be respectful to family and others isn’t always the case. My front neighbor Joann has a big home, nice cars, successful career, but