Love: The Doors and Parent’s Room Essay

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Sometimes We Make Mistakes

Sneaking upstairs hoping my parents didn’t wake up was the worst feeling in the world. I can just remember that emptiness in my stomach; holding my breath and stepping on my tippy toes so not even a peep was made. The moment I grabbed my father’s keys a rattling noise echoed from the entrance hallway, which was only five feet away from my parent’s room. Panicking I knew my mission was over and Id be grounded for months, so I stood in the dark waiting. Waiting for the light in my parent’s room to switch on and illuminate the hallway I was standing in. Five minutes had passed and I was still standing there in the dark alone and un-reprimanded. I slowly began to walk towards the stairs on my tippy toes once again. I achieved to make it into my bedroom, which I had called the “Safe Zone”, after being very cautious of my steps. I immediately ran for the basement door, but right as I was about to reach out for the handle my conscience took over. “Is this really a good idea” was the constant question during my two-minute debate, but as we all know the teenage mind has a way of always picking the immoral solution. I unlocked the doors to my dads Lexus making sure the headlights were off so it wouldn’t shine through my parent’s window. The engine was going to be a bit tricky as well but once again I dodged a bullet and slowly backed out of the driveway. I put my friends address into the GPS and was on my…