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The Sopranos “College” Episode

Anthony John Soprano aka Tony Soprano is the De Facto boss of the DiMeo crime family. He has presented his self to his children as a waste management consultant however, his oldest daughter is skeptical about it. Anthony grew up with his mother, father, and two sisters. His father “Johnny Boy” Soprano was a capo in the DiMeo crime family and his grandfather Corrado Soprano was a master stone who built a church in Tony’s old neighborhood where he takes his children to tell them about their family’s history and the value of hard work. According to Tony his mother was a cruel and joyless woman who at once plotted with his uncle Jackie to have him killed but the plan failed. When the boss of DiMeo sent to prison in 1995 Tony became well respected by others. Tony’s relationship with his mother was quite strange she tried to have him killed on several occasions. Livia Soprano, Tony’s mom, was upset because she had heard about her son’s plan to put her into a nursing home. Tony is married to Carmela Soprano and the father of two kids. He has an intelligent but rebellious daughter by the name of Meadow and a troubled teenage son Anthony Junior who means the world to him. Even though he lives a very dangerous life Tony is still a family man however, he goes into depression and has to seek guidance from a therapist on a regular basis. He shows his love for his children by supporting them in sports, and making sure that they have plenty of luxuries and opportunities. He works hard to make sure his children will be successful so that they will not have to be a part of the crime life like he was at their age. Tony Soprano likes to brag about his daughters Meadow aspiration to become a pediatrician one day. However, Meadow has a rebellious side to her that causes her and Tony to clash out a lot. After, Meadow’s boyfriend Jackie Jr. was killed due to his involvement with the mafia it led Meadow into depression and she started to drink a lot.
The Soprano’s episode “College” showed how Meadow’s education was important to her dad and so was his affiliation with the mafia. The show begins with Tony taking Meadow to Maine to visit colleges. While driving from Bates College to Colby College Meadow asks if he is in the mafia, right then he instantly denies it. After a while Tony admitted that a portion of his income came from illegal gambling and other activities. Then, Meadow admits to taking speed to help her study for SAT’s. As the two are on a road trip Tony spots “Fabion Petrulio” a former member of the DiMeo crime family who turned into a FBI informant and was placed under witness protection. To catch up with the informant Tony chases the car and planned to find him and kill him while on the trip with Meadow. Once again Tony was letting his career crime life get in the way of his family life.
Even with Tony Soprano being on a college road trip with his daughter he showed that it was a struggle for him to balance between his family and organized crime family. Meanwhile, Petrulio notices that Tony might be following him and show up to the motel where they are staying but an elderly couple prevent Fabion from shooting Tony. The next morning Meadow gets dropped off at her college interview by her father and he goes to find Fabion at the travel agency were he strangles him killing the “rat” known as Fabion Petrulio. His career criminal life seems to bother Meadow more than Anthony Junior because she is older and understands more about the mob and gangsters than A.J.
Tony Soprano is not like your average American T.V. dad like Danny Tanner from full house. Actually Mr. Soprano is a street gangster who struggles to balance the life of his family and his organized crime family. He would not be classified as your typical family man because of his ties with the mob. However, when it comes to his kids and family Tony Soprano and Danny Tanner seem to have similarities. Danny Tanner is a single father of