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The theme of Love throughout The Great Gatsby and Frankenstein

James Fincher

Jay Gatsby, the argued protagonist of The Great Gatsby, is the most obvious character to write about under the theme of love. Mr Gatsby is a mysterious and wealthy man who owns a large house/mansion on the East Egg of Long Island, in New York. Gatsby, for a man who throws large extravagant parties every Saturday for the citizens of New York, has a lack of identity amongst the party crowds. Many gossip and say he has killed a man in World War One, there is confusion as to whether he fought for Germany or America and some people say he has been to Cambridge. So a lot of concepts and ideas are made about him. In reality, he is a Bootlegger, Entrepreneur, Yachtsman and a Soldier. Gatsby, during World War One, would receive letters from a lady named Daisy Fay who he had met before on training day. She was the complete opposite of Gatsby in wealth, class and stature. This letter informed Gatsby of her marriage to a wealthy man named Tom Buchanan. Gatsby decided there and then that he wanted to achieve the wealth and status that would attract Daisy towards him. Gatsby had fallen in love with Daisy. To win Daisy back, he’d bought this giant house just over a mass of water from Daisy and Tom. He got the money from making the best out of the Jazz Swingers scene of 1920’s New York by bootlegging alcohol. He threw these parties in the hope of Daisy showing up, but she never did. Her second cousin, once removed, Nick Carraway showed up by moving into the small cottage next door. In order to get to Daisy, Gatsby asks Nick to invite her around to lunch for a reunion. Over the next month or so, Daisy and Gatsby get close romantically. Gatsby has the understanding that Tom is having an affair and Daisy is unhappy in her marriage. Gatsby proposes that she leave Tom but she refuses. When Tom finds out, Gatsby and Daisy drive away and accidentally run over Tom’s mistress. Furious with Gatsby, Tom informs the mistress’ husband that Gatsby ran her over, when in matter of fact, Daisy was driving but Gatsby was willing to take blame. The mistress’ husband travels to Gatsby’s house and shoots Gatsby as well as himself. The case is all over the press but nobody shows up to his, not even Daisy. Nick is angry at this and then moves away and starts an alcohol addiction. The whole novel is about the unconditional love