Love: Thought and Geography Essay

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Seth Bensman
Annotation of “Circumference of Geography”
The summary of this paper is that Geography is a dominant figure in our world that has no real weaknesses or negatives about it. Many of its relatives overlap it and yet are trying to suck it into their own category of study. American geography and European geography both have different views on Geography being pure and being absorbed. Typically most people see Geography as a main domain of its relatives (mining, zoology, meterology,etc) but if it somehow died or faded it would be absorbed into one of those categories. Areal Relation and Regional Geography make Geography. They are the core of it and are always Geography and never considered part of any other category. Without Regional Geography, Geography would not be a separate branch of its relatives. There are also many smaller branches part of Regional Geography. For Geography to continue to be successful it must study more about regional geography. Lastly, science cannot be defined by circumference because there is no limit to the circumference. If you think it is chemistry you are partially right, but there is also no limit to chemistry which leaves you with science not being defined by circumference. Which leaves many to believe Geography is the study of area in relation to man and as the center of all geography families.
I liked the research paper on the circumference of geography. I thought the writer gave a lot of good insight. I liked how he slowly