Essay on Love: Thought and Long Lasting Relationship

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Kyra is one of the two main characters in this book. At the beginning, she is shy and what most people would call a nerd. She’s beautiful, but not that all out, drop dead gorgeous type of beautiful. She has simple beauty. The type that almost goes unnoticed unless you know what to look for. Most of the boys at school don’t pay her any attention. They think she’s cute, but she doesn’t dress like the other kids. And wears her hair in funky braids and knots, so they leave her alone. By the end of the book, all the boys want her. Only because of the simple reason that Jason, the star player on the basketball team wants her. When the kids at her school realize that they’ve been dating, girls try to be like her. And the boys give her more attention. Basically, Kyra went from beginning the nerd in the corner, to beginning the “it “girl by the end of this book. Without having to change herself or giving in to peer pressure.

Second entry
“I love you ““I love you, too. But that’s not a secret” This is a defining moment in the book. They’ve been in love with each other since the beginning of this book, when their eyes met in English class. But it took 327 pages for them to confess their love for each other. I think they didn’t tell each other because in the back of their heads, they were still thinking about what other people thought about them. Jason, he’s a