Love: Understanding and Story Essay

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Through the McWhorter Strategies there are 5 ways that I use to help identify my paper. In these step there are ways to get a better understand on the paper in a different a view. The first step will be previewing, with previewing you take the story and read the title, the first and last sentences and every first sentences of a paragraph. If you have a highlighter, that’s a great way to use to highlighting those ways. The next step, will use activate prior knowledge connect the story to your own knowledge u already know. Also, this help you to see if you can relate to the story or at least have a clue on what you might be reading about. Then the next step through the McWhorter Strategy is to read the entire story. Now you have to comprehend, by this you ask yourself if you understand the vocabulary, the story, and what the author is trying to say. Finally, you strengthen your comprehension, this you take any vocabulary and look up and any unknown words and define them and reuse it in the story to get a better understanding. When I preview the story I use the rule by reading the title, which helps me to known that the story is about flirting. I’m also able to know what each paragraph is talking about by just reading what is told in the steps for previewing. Next, I did activate prior knowledge, this help me to know if have a little knowledge on what might the story be about; also connect to the story better. I use my knowledge by treading the title and ask myself if I know about the story. Examples, by just reading the title I can have an idea that this is about flirting. Also, I can relate to it because I have done flirting before. So, it’s easy to relate to the story and have clue on what to expect to read. So now I read the entire story “The New Flirting Game” When read the entire passage you won’t be puzzle about what the story because you took the time to go through the first two step of the McWhorter Strategy. I was able to understand each paragraph. Example just because I read the first sentences to