Love: White Collar Workers Essay

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Tyler Brasher
English 101
Nurses and doctors: Contrast between blue and white collar workers. Blue and white collar workers came to be known by the two colors and where they are frequently worn. Blue collar workers usually wear jean material for durability and white collar workers wear white cotton material for basically a professional look. Nurses and doctors are two types of workers who represent the main characteristics of blue and white collar workers. They could not possibly be distinguished by gender or race, although they dress similar and perform similar tasks, they are ultimately separated by education, pay, and the extent of body labor. This is not the same for other jobs and careers. These topics are at the forefront when it comes to this field and the characteristics they hold. There are a countless number of exceptions that can be made when differentiating this subject. Here we are going to show the relation and contrast between these healthcare professionals and their correlation to blue and white collar workers. Nurses and doctors are very different when education is involved. Their number of years in college, type of learning and fields of practice limit them to particular areas. Nurses can attend a two year community college or a four year university to obtain their license. Doctors can start off in a community college but after they must attend a university to attain a bachelor’s degree in order to apply for medical school. Medical school is another school after college that trains graduates with a bachelor’s degree for four more years plus to attain their medical doctor degree. Nurses are typically more hands on at a technical or community college but usually at a university they learn more text book knowledge the first two years and the last two years they begin applying it to the medical field. Doctors are mainly on a premed track which prepares them for medical school and are taught through books throughout their first four years of college. Nurses can typically go into any field they like because they are taught how to care for patients young and old at a general state. Doctors usually specialize in an organ system of the body and other functions that correlate with it. In order for them to work with patients’ young and old they must specialize in general practice and choose a subspecialty. They can change their practice but most do not because of the amount of learning that is involved, but nurses may change freely and only have to change their way of working. These points shape the way we look at these jobs and how we are paid by them. The rate of pay and the pay scale between nurses and doctors can vary. Nurses are paid on wages and by the hour which is typical for a blue collar worker. This can be good in most cases because they can make more money if they work extra hours or overtime but if you do not work then you do not get paid or not as much. White collar workers such as doctors on the other hand are on salary which gives them one set amount for the length of the contract they sign per year. The money they are paid is great but if they work more hours than they are paid it does not matter because they are on a set salary. On the good side if they are not at work for any…