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Ariel Gaston
Who Said Being Full Figured Is Not Beautiful? Growing up in today’s society, all girls want to be labeled as pretty. In the world today, the media labels a beautiful woman as being tall and skinny, with long hair and pale skin. One can only imagine how much pressure is put on a woman socially, physically, and emotionally to look like the women seen on television or in a magazine. All women should be able to feel beautiful and comfortable with themselves no matter what size they are. However, the media is one of the main reasons so much pressure is put on a woman to be thin and beautiful. The amount of pressure put on a woman to be thin in this society is tremendous and causes many of today’s women to have low self-esteem, and to feel uncomfortable with themselves.
Most of today’s men want/or are interested in what they see on television as being beautiful, which makes a woman feel pressured to look like what they see. So when a woman lies in bed, and turns on the television, she does not assume that what she may see on a commercial, such as a Victoria Secret ad would pressure her into wanting to imitate what she has seen on the screen. But, with the preconceived thought of wanting to be thin, because of what society and most men depict to be beautiful, being thin becomes a subconscious thought and goal of a thicker woman in today’s society. The majority of the pressure forced on a woman to want to be thin is caused by what is seen on the television as well as the magazines. Commercial women are almost always skinny and have long hair, so even the younger generation of females believes that that is what they should look like. The obsession with thinness has created generations of women that cannot accept their bodies and are miserable because of it. As a result of that, most women push themselves to points of no return, health, and social illnesses. For example, the idea about being thin is being beautiful could make a thicker woman feel like she needs to starve herself. Some may even take it so seriously to get dangerous procedures done on them to help look like the women they see. To see women stress over the images on a television screen is quite saddening, especially when they try to imitate them in an unhealthy way.
The emphasis on thinness in today’s society causes many mental health problems in women. Women are constantly being told that if they are not skinny they are not beautiful or worthy of anything. This causes low self-esteem and can also prompt eating disorders. A woman may not directly state that she has low self-esteem, but signs of it may be things such as: being uncomfortable wearing certain clothing or being uncomfortable going certain places such as the beach. Imagine being a thick woman going bathing suit shopping. When shopping, it comes depressing because the tiny two piece suits are the cute colorful ones but the one that may fit a thicker woman are usually ugly. Things such as the type of clothing that is made for thicker women also plays a role in how confident they may feel when out in the public. The quote “If you look good, you feel good”, truly is something most people live by! So if they do not feel comfortable