How College Students Were Not Ready For College

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75 Percent of Freshmen Not Ready for College

The importance is to show the percentages of students who are not ready for college, and also to inform people on how the schools are not doing their job if they were then the percentage will go up for student who are ready for college. The argument of the text is that not all students that graduate from high school are ready for college. Also that the schools in America are not doing their job. The evidence the author uses is he presents the ACT scores, he presents the average of students who attend college and have to take remedial courses. And also he states ‘”All this assumes that the primary job of high school is to prepare students for college and that all students are college material. Neither is true’’, and begins to discuss how a diploma should show skills and not just show that you completed 12 years of school.

How College Students Can Prepare to be Job-Ready: Career Secrets for Freshmen The importance of this text is that it talks about how college students can prepare to be job ready. This is important because not a lot of college students do not know how to. Also the article gives tips on how to prepare for a job. The argument is a degree doesn’t get you the job it gets you an interview. Also that employers are not looking more for a cultural fit rather than a person with skills. The evidence the author uses is that employers do not look at skills. How you have to be professional. Confident and excited about the job. Also he presents that the overall unemployment rate of college graduate is 7.9 percent.