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Love 4 Fine Art | Creative Minds for the Future | SBE430 | | DeVry University | 3/1/2013 |

Prepared by Ashli Barclift |

Executive Summary
Love4FineArt goal is to provide unique and meaningful arts programming for all children and adults, to educate children in the arts, and to build a lifelong audience for the arts. We plan to offer a dynamic atmosphere and maintain a constantly evolving program. Although we will incorporate all of the fine arts into our programs, our focus is on visual art.
Service Idea
The product development plan I chose for the course project is the transition of recreational centers into learning centers as well. The need in my community for art classes at a low cost to students and families is important. Currently, the neighborhood has community recreational centers for students and adults. The development would be for adults to have classes learning art techniques, beginner’s art classes for children, and programs to inspire creativity from within each individual’s spirit. I think this would be benefiting the community because the overall progress of the future generation is being prepared now instead of later. More importantly, it is better to give people a chance to receive these classes at low cost for the whole family.

The source of this idea came from when I was growing up. During the summer months, I would participate in a community outreach program at the school in my neighborhood. They would offer lunch, physical projects, and creative art classes for a low monthly price to families. The art class was interesting to me because I would want to create art work and bring them home to my family.

For this project, it is important to have easy availability for working adults. Most activities will be open-ended and enjoyed on a walk-in basis. The facility will be staffed by working artists. Master artist/teacher will lead each activity. The idea is to work with the recreational centers, who already have a client list and introduce them to the idea of learning the study of art as well as creating pieces to share with friends and family.
Competitive Analysis
As a result of visiting several communities around the world, we focused our