Loved Ones Addiction Essay

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There are many families that have to deal with the disease addiction. Addiction is not something that can be overcome overnight and it can take a toll on not only the person with the disease but the people around them also. Studies are showing that there is a rapid growth in addiction to prescription medication. In today’s society there are too many young people and family’s suffering from a rapidly growing addiction to prescription pain medication.
Being addicted to pain medication is a hard habit to break and it is a rapidly growing problem in not only adults but children also. Addicts have a totally different point of view on their addiction than anyone else around them. They think they do not have a problem even though time and time again life events show them that they have a problem. There are many simple everyday tasks that are expected of an adult that addicts cannot perform because of their addiction. One major problem addicts have is being able to keep a job. No matter what company someone works for now one wants an addict working for them. Not only can they not perform simple everyday tasks because of their disorder they also are a risk to any company. But, if an addict were to express with their boss that they were suffering from addiction and needed help their boss is mandated to give them a leave of absence for them to seek treatment. If an addict were to lose their employment over there disease this can have major setbacks in an addicts life. For example if an addict were to lose their job they would not have the income to support their habit, this can lead to theft. If an addict starts stealing to support their habit they could very well end up in jail, and jail is not the right place for an addict. Being an addict means that there is a certain type of treatment they need in order to help them. Being locked up in jail and suffering through detox is not the way to overcome addiction. Most people suffer from addiction weather it is affecting our lives or not, some people just have different addiction than others.

One addiction that really hits home for me is and addiction to pain medication, otherwise known as addiction to narcotics. Any addiction can destroy a family because addicts are needy. Their addiction causes them to not be able to do things for themselves. Even though it is classified as a substance abuse disorder it is also a mental health disorder. And these factors that come with addiction can really take a tole on some ones family and friends. I have heard the saying “You hurt the ones you love the most” continuously in my line of work and I could not agree with it more. The reason why addicts have to go to a program is because there family enables them in everything they do. If they do drugs in the house most families will not kick out there child for that because they love them and they think they are helping them instead there really helping their children continue their drug addiction. Another frequent problem most families have when enabling their children is giving them money whenever they ask for it, even though they know their children are going to use it to continue their addiction. Most parents and family’s supports their loved ones addiction so much they give them up to four thousand dollars a month (this is the average amount an addict spends on their habit a month). After an addicts family decides to cut ties with the addict that is when they start steeling even from their