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"I've fought many wars in my time. Some I've fought for land, some for power, some for glory. I suppose fighting for love makes more sense than all the rest." – Priam, Troy (2004)

Some love war or have the notion that war is love but who is to decide which hold greater passion or power? The Sun Also Rises by Ernest Hemingway and the movie based off the novel Dear John by Nicholas Sparks greatly portrayed those reoccurring themes by the main characters in both. The Sun Also Rises main characters are Jake Barnes and Lady Brett Ashley, revolving around the World War I era while Dear John's main characters are John Tyree and Savannah Curtis, revolving around a more recent time; before and after September 11th. These stories tell tales of love once lost; while very similar themes both have their own story to tell. We will look at the male leads, female leads and the two wars.
Jake Barnes was a soldier wounded in World War I, leaving him impotent. This physical ailment caused many psychological issues. He is insecure with himself. He is in love with Brett, who refused to be in a relationship with him due to his inability to have sex. John Tyree is injured in war after September 11th. He also is in love with a woman he cannot have, Savannah. Jake represents the lost generation which are people affected by WWI changing their belief in justice, love, morality and manhood. The lost generation lives aimlessly, recklessly and lack true emotion. They have interpersonal relationships that are very cold. Jake is a direct representation of this, wallowing in alcohol, bar hopping and a life with a lack of purpose. John Tyree is portrayed a bit different however both men are brooding and angry. Both men keep to themselves. Jake and John both feel that the world has cheated them which causes very insecure feelings. Jake portrays a cruel man while John appears to be very nice underneath his hard exterior. Both men loved unconditionally and it broke their hearts. The two female leads, Lady Brett Ashley and Savannah Curtis are the love of Jake and John’s life. Both woman share the fact that they turned their lovers away and tried to find solace elsewhere. Brett jumped from man to man. She was strong, independent and possessed a radiant beauty that captivated males but underneath the exterior of strength was a dangerous personality. Brett lost her first true love in the war, she was also affected by the lost generation. She spent her life aimlessly wandering in what appeared to be a search for the true love she could never again have. Brett defied the traditional roles of women in her time. Women of Brett’s generation were only educated to find marriage and along with that money. Savannah was quite the opposite. She was sweet and innocent, loving and compassionate. She left John while he was in war to marry her best friend who was dying of cancer and to help take care of his autistic brother. One of the greatest differences between Brett and Savannah is Savannah never stopped loving John however I feel that Brett may never have truly loved Jake. I think Jake was her security and she knew he would never cause her pain. Jake was Brett’s security whereas John was Savanah’s