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“Pleasantville” is a movie made in 1997 and set in the 1950’s. Gary Ross uses a wide range of visual techniques to convey interesting views on religion and segregation. The main characters Bud and Mary Sue two young teenagers, unintentionally get trapped in this seemingly perfect town “Pleasantville” where they bring about changes and challenges to the residences of this town.
Religion is a large motif of “Pleasantville” as Gary Ross, producer of “Pleasantville” relates a lot of the Bible to the 1997 film. By the way of suggesting that Mayor Bob is a ‘god like figure’, Gary Ross uses a low angle shot to depict this power and control over the town of black and white coloured people. The camera pans in on Bob speaking to his fellow friends sitting in a chair at the barbershop after the patrons treat him with great reverence. Ross also refers to religion in the scene as Margret picks an apple from a tree and gives it to Bud who proceeds to take a bite. This is an allusion to the bible and the story of Adam and Eve, as the apple represents sin and temptation. Shortly after this scene it begins to rain in “Pleasantville” for the first time, therefore symbolising change and awakening of new emotions.
As colour begins to appear throughout “Pleasantville”, Gary Ross uses a close up shot on the mural painted by Bud and a community member to show an apple wrapped by a snake. This depicts the idea of sin and temptation taking over the good and innocence of “Pleasantville”. Gary Ross also uses non-diegetic sounds such as orchestrated music to add emphases on the curious and shocked attitudes shown by the townspeople.
Segregation is evident throughout “Pleasantville” as Gary Ross concentrates on depicting how important it is to the town of “Pleasantville” for everything to stay “perfect”. This is shown in the courtroom scene as Mayor Bob separates the townspeople into two groups, placing all the coloured