Lowell-Personal Narrative

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Pages: 2

I woke up on a lovely saturday morning but I knew for a fact that it was saturday and i'm positive it was a weekend, and that meant, No school. Then my mom bursts into the living room and said

¨Nolan get ready to go.¨

¨Where are we going?¨ I asked.

It turns out we were going to an art festival in Lowell. Before she said that I was having a great saturday sitting on the couch doing nothing.

Then before I knew it, we were on the road for a 40 minute drive. The ride was kind of boring but I was just playing my phone the whole time. It was ok. When we got there we had to park in this sandy, grassy baseball field. We walked over to the crosswalk and waited for the cars to pass until we could walk across. I wasn’t so sure about this at