Essay on Loyalty-Hotel Rwanda

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Stephanie Lopez
Professor Kahwaji
English 101
5, May 2014
People should hold on to their personal beliefs because memories are mortal. When a person holds on to their beliefs then they might feel guilty for not doing what was best. Sometimes the situation is difficult and the person’s belief does not let another person think about the principles of life. However, people feel guilty after conflicting with their morals. When loyalty conflict one should hold on to their personal values. When a person stands to their personal belief they should survive. To better understand Paul Position in the world, it is important to discuss his idea. In the movie Hotel Rwanda by (Terry George), is about a Hutu manager names Paul Rusesbagina who saved thousands of life’s. He managed to help Tutsi stay alive by hiding them in a Belgian-owned luxury hotel. He believed that he should take care of each and everyone in the hotel and not leave them alone. Paul was not only loyal to himself but he was also loyal to the Tutsi tribe. Paul showed how loyal he was that he risked his life in getting food for all the Tutsi he had to feed. He doesn’t want anyone to die of hunger he believes everyone should survive being Hutu or Tutsi. Paul wife is Tutsi so he must save her. Paul mentions to his wife, “there will be no rescue, no intervention for us we can only save ourselves” even though he said that his own personal belief did not let him leave the other Tutsi behind. He started checking in guests into the

Hotel and with money he had he must buy supplies from a rebellious Hutu who strives to get him involved in taking a stand against the Tutsis.
When someone holds on to their personal beliefs it shows who they really are. It defines if the person is trustworthy or unreliable. After the many things Paul did for his people he is a trustworthy person to rely on. He followed his personal morals which saved many life’s because if he wouldn’t have he would of decline his personal belief and would have not done what was right. People tend to abandon their personal beliefs and accept things how they are. People accept things easily because they think it is the easiest choice to make. People that take the easy route have accepted their values and ideas regardless of whether they agree with them or not. It is their duty to what they have agreed to. However, in order not to feel guilty one should hold on their personal