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Jamie J. Lear
February 15, 2015
Principals of Advertising

LP 4 – Objectives of a Campaign

A campaign is not a news release. It’s not an advertisement. It’s not a promotion.

It’s not training, offers, direct mail or websites. It’s all of these. As a marketer, you need

all of these components for a success campaign. A campaign and its communications

should revolve around a single source that summarizes the objectives, strategies, tactical

review and assumptions. These are what an integrated marketing approach should look

like. In this paper, I will discuss these in detail along with other objectives.

Get the buzz out. So you have a great service or product but no one knows

anything about it. What do you do to let people know? You can write news releases and

advertise in newspapers and magazines as well as TV and radio. You may even want to

try online ads, write blogs, podcasts, webinars or search engine optimization. One of the

biggest things would be to create a presence on social media like Facebook or Twitter.

You may want to use a couple of these depending on your target market and the best way

to reach them. Maybe use TV or social media if you want to reach the 18-30 market. Or

use magazines like USAA or the like to reach the older target market. Make sure you

engage your audience and measure it.

The best marketing campaigns use new media techniques and allows you to get

up close and personal with your audience. Use the information provided by them to

create profiles and how likely they are to use your product. Do the top 20 percent fall

into a certain range? The best predictor of future behavior is to look at their past

purchases. In order to pursue them, use email, direct mail, newsletters but not all of

them. That would be redundant and you risk the chance to irritating them.

The difference between an advertising campaign and an advertisement is a

campaign can be a single ad or a series of ads measured over a period of time. The

purpose of a campaign is to better organize your ads but date or theme. Your campaign

will be unsuccessful without ads because there is nothing to display and you need to

ensure you have successfully created at least one ad group, which contains keywords and

at lease one ad relevant to your home page.

There are many successful campaigns out there. It takes a great campaign to

make people remember them and to actually use the product or service. Here are a few of

my personal favorites. The first one is Miller Lite: Great Taste, Less Filling. The idea

behind this is that the beer tastes great but has less calories for those watching there

weight. This campaign has aired for decades and still people know this ad. Another one

of my favorites is Nike: Just Do It. This campaign slogan is short but sweet but included

things people felt when they were exercising. Don’t want to run 5 miles? Just Do It.

Don’t want to walk up 4 flights of stairs? Just Do It. It drives you to dig down and push

yourself further that you ever thought you could. The final one is Absolut Vodka. This

is the most recognizable bottle in the world. This campaign was so successful, it ran for

25 years straight and has over 1500 ads. When the campaign starts, they had only 2.5%

of the vodka market but when the campaign ended in the late 2000s, they were importing

more than 4.5 millions cases and imported half of all the vodka to the United States.

The Advertising planning cycle helps in deciding the roles of each separate

department in an agency such as Client Serving, Creative, Media and Research. It also

guides the agency through the stages of formulating, creating, releasing and evaluating

the advertising campaign. The first question is Where Are We? Second is Why Are We

Here? Third is Where Could We Be? Fourth is How Could We Get There? Fifth is Are

We Getting There? The first two