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LP2 Journal: Anxieties

Going back to school is something that I have looked forward to for a long time. I stayed-at-home with my children until both of them went to school full time. At the back of my head I keep on telling myself that I will still pursue the career that I have always dreamed of and that is to be a Nurse. Back home, which is the Philippines, I already took up two years of nursing degree. Since I didn’t go back to school here in the United States right away none of what I took up there mattered. I have to go back to square one. That made me anxious already because all the time and effort was wasted. My first degree didn’t even matter. I had a Bachelors’ in Computer Science back home and they could not count that as well. I am now enrolled in Computer Literacy-Microsoft Office. I told myself, “Oh well”, I suppose it is better this way so at least I can brush up on the areas that needs brushing up. I need to develop a positive attitude on this. It will not help to whine over matters like these. Instead I will do my best to overcome the anxiety and of course besides staying positive, the power of prayer is a good tool as well.

Another thing that contributes to my anxiety is the distance that I am driving every time I need to go to school. I live twenty-five minutes to half an hour away from school and considering the weather that we have in Wisconsin, I am not fond of driving towards highway 23 if the roads are bad. My husband did tell me that he is worried