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Latter To the Editor
TaMaPaLay Htoo
123 Sesame ST
Lala Land WA 6969
The Editor
The West Australian
GPO Box 345
Perth WA 6905
15th March 2013
Dear Sir/Madam
I am writing to you to raise the issue of the amount of graffiti in the Metropolitan area. It makes the city look dirty.
They are a lot of talented tagger/arties out there but despite of their talent use it to tarnish the local area with their tagging. It is a visual pollution and costing people money to clean it up, it is also a destruction of propriety. The other day I was walking my dog when I saw an offensive racist comment graffitied on a brick wall. This graffiti might encourage young people to do the same thing and offend other people.
Not only they vandalise building but they also vandalise tree and window. Some time they go as far to graffiti on dangerous place like under brides, on top of tall building and as far as graffiti on train. Some graffiti are not that bad, is very artistic, it is also a demonstration of inner emotions .e.g. the got nothing to do in their life but they want to be hard!!!
I even talk to people in my neighbourhood and ask them for their options, if they think graffiti is increasing or decreasing and a lot of them said it is increasing by a large sum and they want someone to do something about the rise of graffiti in the area. You can offer reward for someone who saw/stop someone who was tagging or telling the police about the person. They could tell the tagger to stop or the government…