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Mr Harold has 2 months’ time to finalize the list of employees before the legalities are complete and Lanchester – Variant merger can come into effect. Still there were many issues faced by him. The positions that were finalized were Chief Executive Officer, Chief Operating Officer and Strategic EVP all from Variant. The Chief Financial Officer was from Lanchester and Mr Harold was the Human Resource, Executive Vice President. Mr Harold’s job was to select the tier 1 and tier 2 executives. The biggest challenge was to integrate people from two different work culture, both the companies are from different countries. In total there are around 60000 employees all will be having some expectations from the merger.
Tier 1 Executives selection criteria:
1. Since Mr Harold has to select 7 Divisional Managing Directors out of 9, a very thorough examination has to be done for the candidates.
2. The selection process should be completely depended upto on latest need of the organization after the merger.
3. A very clear role description is to be defined for the tier 1.
4. Before taking the interview, in-depth experience and reference check should be done for each candidates.
5. Complete previous experience has to be explored, a few references can also very good value addition for the selection of the candidates.
6. Tier 1 selection should also take into consideration if the candidate is from Lanchester or Variant, so that a mix of employees from both the companies can help understand cultures from both the companies.
7. It should be a single interview between the candidate, Mr Harold and the CEO or COO.
8. Good amount of time should be given to candidates to ask questions, because that can review their thought process towards the merger and their experience in either of the company.
9. The new company wants to grow their business in Asia, the