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Ludsby Leisure Project

I have been asked to write a report on the advantages and disadvantages of what leisure facilities would be best suited for the new town, Lusby. Due to the new towns development corporation budget, only two facilities can be built. The choices of leisure facilities available are between a swimming pool, a disco, a bingo hall, a cinema and a bowling alley.

The information in this report was taken from the internet. This report will be completed by 25 September 2013.


1. Background
The new town of Ludsby is to be built to home the overspill of population from existing major cities. The population of the new town will consist mainly of young couples, some with small children, and a large number of middle-aged parents with teenage children. There will be very few elderly people living in the town, only those who are living with their grown-up children.

2. Leisure Facilities
2.1 Swimming Pool
A swimming pool would benefit the town in several different ways. One being, that the swimming pool would have an educational purpose as the schools would be able to use it for swimming lessons to teach the children to swim. It can also encourage children to exercise as the swimming pool is known as a fun and exciting experience for most children.

Unfortunately, according to statistics supplied by Slugsby New Town, the swimming pool makes a loss of £20,000 each year.

2.2 Disco
Having a disco in the town would be a great way for the community socialise and get to know each other. The disco provided in Slugby town has a weekly attendance of a massive 2,000 15-25 year olds and 50 25-50 year olds. The Disco also makes a profit of £70,000 each year.

However, having a disco would mean that there is a high chance of more litter being dropped, which would make the town look unpleasant. Also, due to alcohol intoxication it is highly likely that fights would break out which would mean there would have to be police monitoring the area when the disco ends. Having the disco may also encourage teenagers under the age of 18 to consume alcohol. The music played at the disco may loud and could disturb people that live nearby. This could cause for a lot of complaints.

2.2 Bingo
A great socialising even that could be held in the town would be bingo. It would give everyone the chance to get together on a weekly basis and for some lucky people, a price may be won. The bingo attracts all ages of the community and building a bingo facility only costs £500,000 and has a profit of £200,000 a year.

2.3 Cinema
Having a cinema in the town would allow for schools to watch educational films and television shows. The children at the school would like this as it would be a different experience than being stuck in a class all day. The cinema is also a fun place to go with your family and friends.

A disadvantage of having a cinema in the town could lead to children and young adults spending a lot of time there which could make them lazy. Becoming lazy could lead to