Ludwig Van Beethoven and Tone Color Essay

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Jonathan Saldivar
July 1, 2013.
Beethoven Symphony No. 5 In Symphony No. 5 composed by Ludwig van Beethoven surprised me very much even though I am not related to orchestral music. In this symphony there are four movements and is not like a normal symphony wich has fast slow dance-related and fast, There are three things that I am going to take from this symphony, which are the use of dynamics, the different types of variations that it has, and the tone color. The use of dynamics during the first movement its absolutely amazing, how he worked with the loudness and softness of sound by using different types of instuments and also the volume of them, It makes the perfect combination of the instruments. Dynamycs is very important in all the symphony because it has a lot of crecendos and decrecendos. The variation is used through the whole piece, I think that without variation this symphony would be really bored. I really liked how he used variation in the first movement, It starts really strong and then he uses softness but repeating the same theme with different instruments. I really like variation because it gives the piece a different type of mood and emotion. Last but not least the tone color, there are more than one tone color in this song, because as I said in the las paragraph there is a lot of variation and the tone color changes from very tense sound to a very calm and peaceful sound. I really like the crecendos and decrecendos of this symphony, I think